Raw Tiramisu Brownie Slice

Nothing screams decadence quite like a slab of rich, squishy tiramisu - boozy almond fingers nestled in-amongst a bed of vanilla-speckled cream, dusted with a storm of chalky brown cacao powder and shavings of gloriously sharp and dark, dark chocolate. Here I've attempted to somewhat replicate the luxuriousness of the traditional Italian dessert, swapping almond fingers for an inky almond pulp chocolate brownie, laced with a carob and chicory powder whose taste is eerily similar to that of coffee grounds.

The cream is still thick and plentiful, with a hint of cacao butter for an extra smooth texture. Finally, a bitter dusting of raw cacao powder - a wholly sacrilegious yet moreish slice that will convince even the most avid caffeine-lovers. I like to enjoy mine with a dollop of whipped coconut cream and a mug of steaming, dark coffee substitute. The beauty of this variation is that its reduce caffeine content means late evening indulgences are a very, very real possibility.

This recipe makes nine large squares, or eighteen smaller fingers. You could also cut into thirty-six cubes and coat with a homemade raw chocolate to make lovely little tiramisu bites, perfect for gifting this festive season.


1 cup of almond pulp
4 medjool dates, pitted
3 tablespoons of almond butter
2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
1 tablespoon of Teccino 'French Roast' coffee substitute
Pinch of sea salt

1 1/2 cups of cashews, soaked for 6-8 hours or overnight
1/4 cup of pure maple syrup
1/4 cup of plant milk
3 tablespoons of raw cacao butter, melted
2 teaspoons of vanilla bean paste
Pinch of sea salt

1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder
85% dark chocolate (optional)



  1. In the bowl of a high-powered food processor place the almond pulp, pitted medjool dates, almond butter, pure maple syrup, raw cacao powder, Teccino, and sea salt. Pulse until it begins to come together, then blend continuously until it forms a soft, squishy mixture.
  2. Line a brownie pan with parchment paper, using a little coconut oil to stick it down if necessary. Scoop the brownie base into the pan and spread evenly, forming one dense layer. Place in the refrigerator to firm up.
  3. Next, rinse your food processor, then proceed to make the vanilla cream filling by taking the soaked cashews and blitzing them a few times. Add in the pure maple syrup and turn your processor on, then add the plant milk in a steady stream. Keep blending until silky smooth.
  4. Melt the cacao butter, then pour into the cashew mixture with the vanilla bean paste and sea salt, and pulse through. Scoop this mixture on top of the brownie base, smooth out evenly, and pop back in the refrigerator to set.
  5. Once set, after approximately 2-4 hours, remove from brownie pan and slice into even squares. Dust with cacao powder and dark chocolate shavings, and enjoy!