WHAT | Ceremony Company, a sandwich and coffee shop
WHERE | 7 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland
WHEN | One lazy Saturday morning in early October
WHO | Me, myself, and my procrastinating I

Saturday brunch at Ceremony is a lazy, indulgent affair; the tiny room humming with conversation and sandwich anticipation. The cafe itself is a tiny hipster cocoon, nestled in amongst ample medical paraphernalia dotted along Grafton Road. The owners are smart to have found such an accessible yet lonely little spot, close to the city but just far enough away from the hustle and bustle. The interior is stunning, with lots of raw brick and concrete. I love how the counter doubles as a table, barista station, and cash register - the dangling globular art instillation above is gorgeous. The entire experience is like stepping into an issue of Kinfolk.

Service and food were ace - I ordered a vegan version of the #3 - salty portobello mushrooms, a melty vegetable patty, wilted baby spinach, and spicy chipotle ketchup sandwiched between a crisp sesame bun (which also happened to be gluten-free). I ate on the table outside, with a lovely view of the Auckland skyline and traffic drifting across Grafton Bridge. Service was quick, friendly, and warm. Can't comment on the coffee as I'm not a huge drinker, but I've heard it's spectacular!

A delicious, chill, tasteful and easygoing spot. These guys are doing things right. If Ceremony were a person, it'd be that dude that's friends with everybody and has the best taste in hats - and sandwiches.

FOOD | 4.5/5
SERVICE |  5/5
VALUE | 4/5

PLACESAshlee Adams