My name is Ashlee and I'm currently located in Auckland, New Zealand - hello, and welcome!

What exactly is 'The Coconut Goddess'?

The Coconut Goddess is a project that was founded on Instagram as an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle - both for myself and the planet. What originally began as a personal endeavour to live a mindful and ethical lifestyle has now morphed into a platform where I share an assortment of recipes. It is here on this website that I hope to continue to curate a wide selection of vegan recipes, share a few of my domestic and international adventures, and interview other creatives who inspire me.

What do I use to take my photographs?

I have a Sony DSC-RX100 III. Its compact size and amazingly high quality make it the perfect camera for both travelling and day-to-day use in the kitchen. I don't know anything about photography, but this little guy makes it look like I'm a wizard. I also have an Olympus Mju Zoom film camera that I inherited from my parents.

What do I do aside from blogging?

I am currently studying towards a degree in urban planning at university.